Point and Click Games



BNKR Walkthrough - Play a robot searching for the knowledge of why he was created.

Urbex Walkthrough - Work your way through the bowels of an abandoned facility.

Being One - Episode 5 Walkthrough - Now that you've escaped from the lab you were imprisoned in you must find the one who held you.

Hood Episode 3 Walkthrough - Bring evil witches to justice using your skills as a hunter.

Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture 2 Walkthrough - Stop an evil being from using the time warper to wreak havoc.

Hood Episode 2 Walkthrough - The 2nd chapter from the popular "hood" point and click series.

Pirates of the Undead Sea Walkthrough - A pretty funny point and click game where you play as a dead pirate commander who runs into a mermaid that is looking for adventure, but bites off more...

Nick Toldy and the Legend of Dragon Peninsula Walkthrough - A point and click game where you must use your wits to survive your adventure and rescue your princess.

Aurora 2 Walkthrough - A pretty fun point and click adventure game set in the wild west. The art style is amazing.

Hood Episode 1 Walkthrough - The first of the popular "Hood" series. Venture forth and find out what happened the lady in red.

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